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1. This Code of Conduct, which has been unanimously approved by the KCP Managing Committee in its      Meeting held at Lahore on 8th September 2011, will be applicable from 1 October 2011. Any violation      of this Code of Conduct will amount to violation of the Rules and Regulation of the KCP and will come      under the preview of the Disciplinary Committee of the Kennel Club of Pakistan, which may take any      appropriate action as empowered by the KCP. The provision of this Code of Conduct will cover all the      members of the KCP, all dog owners whose Kennels or dogs are registered with the KCP, all exhibitors      and handlers who take part in KCP or affiliated Clubs sanctioned Shows and show organizers appointed      by the KCP or its affiliated Clubs. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is as follows:-

a. Promote the standard of dog breeding.
b. Protect the interests and welfare of dogs.
c. Look after the interests of dog owners.
d. Support the integrity and purpose of KCP.
e. Inculcate good sportsmanship at the Dog Shows.

2. To achieve above mentioned purposes, following provision of the code of conduct will be implemented in      letter and spirits;-

a. Dog owners must keep their dogs in a healthy environment and provide proper food, good living      conditions and provide appropriate veterinary care.
b. Dogs must be bred according to KCP Breeding Rules.
c. Dog owners, while selling, shall not advertise or give false and misleading information about their dogs.      All claims about dogs including age, pedigree, registration, both written and oral, must be factual and      honest in both substance and implication.
d. If the dog is pedigreed and registered with the KCP, the breeder must give all relevant KCP documents,      i.e., Registered Certificate and Pedigree at the time of selling or transfer. If due to any reason, these      documents are not immediately available, these must be sent within two months.
e. At the Shows, all exhibitors/handlers must display sportsmanship. No handler should distract other dogs      in the ring to gain undue advantage.
f. Other than age of the dog, an exhibitor must not give any other information to judge pertaining to dog’s      ownership, pedigree or its past achievements. However, this provision will not apply to the Shows of      affiliated Breed Clubs, where their own rules allow a Judge to ask for the pedigree.
g. No one shall disrupt or stop a KCP sanctioned Show by any means including frivolous complaints or      distorted facts.
h. No competitor, either by word, gesture or action will show any dissent at the decision of the Judge inside      or outside the ring.
i. No one will organize an un-authorized show or take part or be a part of its organizers in any manner.
j. It is an accepted right of any dog owner to show or not to take part in any Show. However, no will      persuade others not to participate in a KCP sanctioned Show.

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