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    General Musharaf is very fond of dogs. He keeps Pekingese.   The founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah (commonly known as Quaid-e-Azam) meaning the gratest leader, was a dog lover, Here he is shown with his pet Doberman and his Scotty.   Late Mahraja of Indian princely state of Patalia was a big dog fanicer; Labordor where his favorites


      The dog has a long history of close relationship with man. This relationship is not new, in one form or the other, dog's association with the man is as old as the history of man itself. Dog man relationship is very complex and to a very large extend is influenced by culture, religion and customs. There is no other animal with which man has had such an intimate relationship. Many famous men have kept dogs purely for companionship, and why not; after all , dogs are nonjudgmental, give unconditional love, can be trusted with our most intimate feelings and emotions. A companion dog, according to medical research, can lower a person's blood pressure and mitigate the effects of loneliness; what else famous people need?
King Charles II was always seen with Spaniels. He was so fond of these dogs, he wrote a decree that the King Charles Spaniel should be accepted in any public place, even in the Houses of Parliament where animals were not usually allowed. Arabs, due to religious taboos, do not have close relationship with dog. However, Saluki is a rare exception. Many privileges are allowed to this noble companion. He is allowed to share its master's tent and also ride on his camel. Queen Victoria was very fond of Pomeranians and kept many. Adolph Hitler kept a German Shepherd. Winston Churchill and score of other famous men have kept dogs purely for companionship. 
On this page I have posted some famous men with their dogs.
    George Bush Former US President Loves his springer spanials.     Lyndon Johnso former US President is seen here playing with his dog.
    King George the sixth, like most royalities kept many dogs, Labordor being his favorites.     Queen Elizabeth is very fond of her Labordors.
    I am not famous person but my dog is........ for me atleast.       bill clinton former US President, is seen here with his famous chocolate Labordor 'Buddy'
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