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Question-1: Is the Kennel Club of Pakistan recognized in other countries also?
Answer-1: Yes; We have reciprocal agreements with the American Kennel Club, the British Kennel Club and as we are member of the prestigious Asia Kennel Union, which has twelve members, we have reciprocal with eleven countries like India, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines.
Question-2: Is there any other Kennel Club in Pakistan, which is the member of Asia Kennel Union or has reciprocal agreement with British Kennel Club or American Kennel Club?
Answer-2: No, according to the rules of these countries, they recognize only one Kennel Club in a country, which, according to their evaluation is properly organized and best serves the canine interest in a particular country.
Question-3: What is the meaning of "reciprocal arrangements with other world Kennel Clubs"?
Answer-3: This means that the registration certificates and pedigrees issued by the Kennel Club of Pakistan are recognized in these countries. The awards received at KCP's shows are also recognized by these countries and our dogs can also be shown in these countries.
Question-4: What is the advantage of registering a dog with KCP?
Answer-4: KCP tracks all registered dog and their offspring. This includes the family history of a particular dog, and the events that are used to test if a dog is suitable specimen of its breed. This includes dog show, obedience trials agility and breed surveys etc., etc. Being able to track the pedigree of a purebred dog is important because responsible breeders are always seeking to better their breed. By examining pedigrees of their registered dogs and looking at the accomplishments of the dogs, breeders can make good decisions about breeding their dogs.
Question-5: How can I ensure that I buy a good dog?
Answer-5: If you are not an experienced dog owner, it can be quite difficult. We would suggest you buy from a reputable and responsible breeder
Question-6: What do you mean by reputable and responsible breeder?
Answer-6: A reputable breeder is one, whose kennel has a KCP registered prefix, shows his dogs regularly at the shows, has his dogs and pups registered with the KCP. By responsible breeder we mean the breeder, who knows his breed well and always breeds to produce better dogs. He keeps small number of dogs so that they have time to ensure pups are brought up properly. A responsible breeder follows good business practices and ethics in sales and breeding contract and honors all agreements.
Question-7: Can KCP help me in buying a dog?
Answer-7: It is not the policy of KCP to get involved in buying and selling. However, KCP can give you the names and addresses of breeders, who are registered with KCP. You can contact them if you like.
Question-8: If I feel that a judge has not made a good judgment, can a lodge a protest to anyone in KCP?
Answer-8: No. The ring belongs to the judge and there is no protest against his decision which cannot be changed. KCP selects competent local and foreign judges. However, different judge have their own likes and dislikes and look for different points. If you feel your dog has not been given grading it deserved, show it in a next show under a different judge.
Question-9: Can KCP advise me on which breed to keep or how to look after and train my dog?
Answer-9: You can contact KCP for any help on dog related topics. Our staff will either give you answer straight away or refer you to a specialist. You can also get information through email. Send your questions to info@kcp.com.pk .
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