In KCP's Managing Committee Meeting held in Lahore on 26 September 2011, it was unanimously resolved the Kennel Club of Pakistan believes that the Rottweiler Club of Pakistan has a very important role to play in promoting the breed in every way as per the objective of the KCP. KCP is of firm opinion that the role of RCP is to promote and offer guidance for the development of the Rottweiler so as to achieve uniform compliance to the FCI breed standard as well as the continued education of owners, breeders and the general public. To achieve these aims, it was unanimously decided that RCP should carry out Breed Surveys and litter inspections. The basic idea is that all Rottweilers should be surveyed before being bred with and litters checked before the pups are registered and pedigrees issued. With effect from 1st January 2012, KCP will issue pedigrees only on the recommendation of RCP certifying that the parents have been breed surveyed and litter has been checked


It has come to the notice of the KCP that some un-scrupulous persons are selling dogs with fake pedigrees. Some dogs with un-known parents have also been sold as imported with fake foreign pedigrees. Some German Shepherd pups have been sold with fake tattoos. All prospectus buyers are advised to buy dogs only from reputed breeders and if the dog has been sold as imported its export pedigree must be checked. All buyers are advised that only the pedigrees issued by the National Kennel Club of a country can be considered valid. KCP has the specimen pedigrees of all the recognized Kennel Clubs of the world. In case of any doubt, please feel free to check from the KCP.


Dogs whose name do not appear in the Show catalogues will NOT be allowed to compete. However, if the name has been omitted due to printing error, the Show manager may allow the dog to compete.
The practice of allowing Show managers to register dogs on behalf of KCP has been discontinued. Dogs will now be registered at the office of the KCP only. No un-registered dog can compete. In their own interest, all dog owners are advised to register their dogs immediately.