According to the Article 3 of the Constitution of the Kennel Club of Pakistan, all the affairs of the Club are to be managed and its powers delegated to the Managing Committee. Article 12 of the constitution further says that the Managing Committee may constitute sub-committees to facilitate disposal of the Club’s business. Managing Committee may appoint Coordinators and/or Sub Committees, consisting of such persons as it thinks fit (who need not be members of the Executive Committee), to deal with such matters as it may delegate to them. This Article empowers Managing Committee to delegate any of its powers and functions to any sub-committee and may likewise at any time revoke or amend such delegation save that the Managing Committee shall not delegate to any sub-committee powers to suspend or disqualify any person.
The Executive Committee shall have the power to make such Bye-laws and Regulations not inconsistent with the Constitution, as it may from time to time deem necessary.
The President, using his discretion, may issue any executive order, not in-consistent with the Club’s Constitution. However, this order of the President must be ratified by the Managing Committee in its next meeting. If the Managing Committee decides not to ratify this executive order, it will, ipso-facto become redundant.
Sub-committees will consist of a total of five members, who will be selected by the Managing Committee. Secretary of the Club will be ex-officio member of all the Sub-committees. President and Vic President may attend any meeting of any sub-committee as observer or consultant. However they will not have the right of vote.
All the decisions of the Sub-committees will be minuted and a copy of the minutes will be submitted to the KCP Office for record.
The Sub-committees are independent in taking decisions which will be considered final. However, if considered necessary, the President in consultation with the Vice President, may ask any Sub-committee to review its decision. The reviewed decision of the Sub-committee shall be final, unless changed by the Managing Committee.



The Shows being the major event of any Kennel Club, the Show Regulation Committee of the Kennel Club of Pakistan has a very important role. Its basic role is to sanction and regulate, both KCP and Breed Clubs Shows. Its other major responsibility is to ensure that all judging results are collated and communicated to the Office of the KCP to be put in its database.

1. Show Regulation Committee of the Kennel Club of Pakistan will be responsible for regulating KCP Shows and Shows of Clubs affiliated with the KCP.
2. The Committee will act as a link between Local Show Committees/Breed Clubs and the Pakistan Kennel Club.
3. In consultation with the local Show Committees, work out a Show Programme well ahead of the start of the Show Season and put up to the President/Vice President for approval.
4. Committee will monitor the conduct of Dog Shows and guide the Local Show Committees/Organizers to conduct the Shows according to KCP Rules and Regulations.
5. At the end of the Show, within seven days, through the Secretary, Committee shall submit a written report to the Managing Committee, high lighting good and bad points of the conduct of the Show, including the standard of judging and stewarding.
6. Committee will suggest any change in Show Rules and will suggest any improvements in running the Dog Shows and Award System.
7. It will be the duty of the KCP Show Committee to see that the results of all the Dog Shows are properly entered in the KCP database by the Manager KCP Secretariat and for this will keep close contact with the KCP Manger.
8. The Committee will ensure that no dog without prior KCP registration is allowed to enter in the Show. Committee will see that the practice of registering dogs on the day of Show is NOT allowed to take place.
9. Show Committee will appoint an observer at every Show to give report to the Secretary of the KCP. Preferably, the observer should be a member of the Committee but if it is
not possible, then any other person may be appointed.


                       DUTIES OF THE JUDGES COMMITTEE

The primary job of the Judging Committee is to train judges and stewards. This Committee will also check that all the judges appointed to officiate at the KCP sanctioned shows are licensed by the KCP or in the case of foreign judges, by the National Clubs. Approval will be given only if the judges are found to be qualified to judge the breeds they have been asked to judge.
1. Conveners/Coordinators of the local Show Committees will put up the names of the Judges they want to invite for the KCP Show. The Sub-committee will see that the judges are licensed to judge the breeds he or she has been invited to judge and the Judge has not been suspended or removed by the KCP and in the case of foreign Judges by their National Clubs.
2. Breed Clubs for their own Specialty Shows will select their own Judges but will inform the Judges Committee as soon as the name of the Judge is finalized by the appropriate authority of the concerned Club. In case of foreign Judges, the Secretary of the respective Breed Club will give a certificate to the Show Committee that the invited judge hold the license from his/her National Club to judge the breeds he is supposed to judge and he/she has not been suspended by the respective National Clubs.
3. KCP Judging Committee is responsible for the training and testing of KCP Judges. The judging and stewarding licenses to the Judges and Stewards will be issued by KCP on the recommendations and results of the test carried out by the Committee.
4. The committee will organize training workshops/seminars for the prospective Judges and Stewards. For practical training, this committee will detail apprentice judges with the experienced judges to get training and exposure under qualified judges. The Committee will ensure the following:
a. Encourage and maintain high standards of judging with particular reference to the soundness, health and well being of the dog.
b. Encourage and maintain high standards of ring stewarding and show organisation.
5. To provide educational guidance for judges, stewards and show organisers. Committee will recommend any changes in the qualifying criteria laid down by the Kennel Club of Pakistan for the judges.
6. Judges Committee will keep President/Vice President well informed about the standard of judges and will suggest measures to improve their expertise.


This committee operates as a quasi-judicial body that adjudicates on matters pertaining to the By-laws, rules, regulations, code of conduct, procedures and policies of the Pakistan Kennel Club. Any person or persons contravening any provision of KCP Constitution Rules, Regulations, Procedures, Policies and Code of Conduct shall be subject to discipline procedures. All matters of discipline shall be within the jurisdiction of the Discipline Committee and administered in dignified manner shelving personal biases and likings.
While examining the breach of any rule or code of conduct, members are expected to keep in mind the quasi-judicial nature of the Committee and so the members must act as expected in any tribunals, without any bias, personal likes, dislikes, association, favour and fear.

Disciplinary Committee is responsible for maintaining discipline among the members, breeders and exhibitors.
7. All cases of breach of disciple, misconduct, criminal breach of trust or any activity which is against the objectives of the Kennel Club of Pakistan, set in Part One Section One of the Memorandum of the Constitution of the KCP or its approved Code of Conduct, will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee. The action recommended by this Committee will be implemented by the Secretary of the Club.
8. All complaints of breach of discipline received by the KCP will be referred to this Committee through the Vice President.
9. Normally the KCP Disciplinary Committee will take an action when any case is referred to it. However if any case of breach of discipline comes to its notice, the Committee, in consultation with the Vice President, may take action directly.
10. Depending on the nature, severity and the circumstances, the Committee is empower to take any or all actions as given below:
a. Censure a person.
b. Issue warning.
c. Impose fine up to maximum of Rs. Ten Thousands (Rs. Ten thousand).
d. Cancel registration or pedigrees of the dogs issued by KCP.
e. Disallow registration of the litters bred by the person for a maximum of two years.
f. Debar a person from showing or handling a dog in any KCP sanctioned Show.
11. Any person who considers himself/herself to be wronged by the decision of the Committee shall have to right of appeal to the Managing Committee, which will be the final appellate authority.



The main duty of this Committee is to create awareness and educate owners, handlers and general public about the importance of health and welfare of dogs. It will be the job of the Committee to retain existing exhibitors/competitors and to attract new exhibitors/competitors, by whichever means the Committee thinks practical. Committee will find ways and means to train Handlers, Exhibitors and Competitors to give them confidence. The Committee is also responsible of the following:-
1. Run Seminars and Workshop on handling.
2. Run handling classes both for the novices and experienced handlers.
3. Prepare and distribute leaflets and pamphlets on various dog related subjects.
4. Through lectures and leaflets make dog owner, breeders and exhibitors about the Rules and regulation of the KCP.
5. Arrange classes and lectures on dog’s health and veterinary subjects.
6. Run classes to create awareness for Responsible Dog Ownership with a view to promoting and encouraging responsible dog ownership.
7. Committee will specially focus on Junior Handling and create awareness and promote this aspect of handling. For this purpose, Committee will arrange Junior Handling Training Classes. The Committee will keep close liaison with the Secretary KCP, Show Conveners and Coordinators and impress upon them to include Junior Handling in their Shows.