1Till 1 September 2013, following Shows have been sanction by the KCP as shown below. Please remember that NO Show will be sanctioned on these dates. To honour Mr. Muzafar Husain, the late President of the KCP and to appreciate his efforts in putting KCP on right path, a National All Championship Show will be held at Lahore on Saturday 23 February 2014. This year Lahore CACIB will be judged by three outstanding foreign Judges and their services, besides CACIB, will be utilized for judging Muzafar Husain Memorial National All Breed Show. However, it will be ensured that different Judges  do not judge the same breeds in these two Show and CACIB. This will ensure that the CC earned in both of these Shows countntowards Championship and two different  opinions/grading are received by all competing dogs.

1. RCP  Rottweiler Show , Sunday 3rd November 2013       Lahore.

2. GSDCP Landesgruppen Show, Sunday, 30th November, 2013,  Lahore
3. RCP Rottweiler Show , Sunday, 1st  December  2013, Islamabad.

4. 16th FCI CACIB  Sunday 25th  November 2013 Islamabad
5.     Dawn GSD Show     Saturday 7 December 2013 Lahore.
6.   Dawn All Breed Championship Show, Sunday, 8th  December 2013 Lahore
7.  RCP Rottweiler Show , Sunday 5th January  Karachi

8.  RCP Rottweiler Sieger Show, Saturday & Sunday, 1st & 2nd  February 2014, Lahore
9. Dawn GSD Show     Saturday,  14th  December 2013    Islamabad
11. Dawn All Breed  Show     Sunday,  15th  December 2013    Islamabad
12. GSDCP Landesgruppen Show, Sunday, 15th December, 2013,  Karachi
13.   GSDCP Landesgruppen Show, Sunday, 05th January, 2014, Sheikhupura
14. GSDCP Landesgruppen Show, Sunday, 02nd February, 2014,  Faisalabad.
15. GSDCP Pakistan Sieger Show, Saturday & Sunday 08th & 09th February-Lahore

16. 17th CACIB, 17 February 2014- Karachi

17. Muzafar Husain Memorial National All Breed Championship Show,23  February  2013

18. Labrador National Specialty- 23 February 2014, Lahore.  
19. 18th FCI CACIB Sunday 24 February 2014

Note: CAIBs and Sieger Shows have been highlighted with RED.


NOTE: Besides these Shows some other Shows are also being planned which will be announced later.



Dogs whose name do not appear in the Show catalogues will NOT be allowed to compete. However, if the name has been omitted due to printing error, the Show manager may allow the dog to compete.
The practice of allowing Show managers to register dogs on behalf of KCP has been discontinued. Dogs will now be registered at the office of the KCP only. No un-registered dog can compete. In their own interest, all dog owners are advised to register their dogs immediately.