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For registration of litters/single dog/imported dogs following requirements are required to be fulfilled.

  1. Both the parents of the litter must have been registered with the Kennel Club of Pakistan and the bitch should not be less than eighteen months old at the time of mationg.
  2. The breeder must be the registered owner of the bitch (dam).
  3. The Stud Certificate, duly signed by the registered owner, must be submitted along with the application.
  4. A copy of the pedigree of the Sire and dam must be attached with the application.
  5. The litter must be registered within three months of the birth of the litter. Litters born up to four months of the birth of the litter can be registered by paying double the amount of Registration Fee. After four months of the birth, litter will NOT be registered.
  6. All pups of the litter will be registered in the name of the Breeder and Pedigree Certificate/Registration Certificate will be issued in the name of the Breeder. New owners will have to apply for the transfer of the pups.
  7. Litter will be registered only if the Breeder has a registered Kennel name. If the Breeder does not have a registered Kennel name,, pups can be registered as single dogs but no prefix or affix will be allowed with the name of the pups. Other requirements will remain the same.
  8. Registration Fee and Pedigree Certificate Fee must be paid by a Bank Pay Order, drawn in the name of "The Kennel Club Of Pakistan". In very exceptional cases, the fees may be accepted in cash or cheque.
  9. Registration Certificate and Pedigree Certificate will be sent by Courier Service at the address of the Breeder only. Breeder may also be collect by hand.
  10. If all the papers are correct and the Registration Form is filled properly, it takes about two weeks to complete registration procedure.
  11. If at any stage, it is found that the Breeder has given any wrong details or there has been any violation of KCP Rules and Regulations, Registration will be cancelled without any notice.
  12. For transferring dog from one owner to other, application must be submitted on a prescribed form. Dogs will NOT be transferred by telephone calls or by emails. The signatures of the current owner and the new owner are essential. KCP reserves the rights to check the authenticity of the transfer papers by any means.
  13. For registration of single dog, the person applying for registration must prove ownership of the dog to the full satisfaction of the KCP Staff.
  14. For the registering dogs imported from other countries, Export Pedigree Certificate from the Kennel Club of the country must be attached with Registration Application. In case Export Pedigree has not been received, Airway Bill/Import Papers/Breeder’s Pedigree must be produced and the Export Pedigree produced later on.
  15. Imported dogs will be registered only in the name of the person whose name appears on the Export Pedigree or Airway Bill and other Import Papers.



KCP does allow registration of Non-pedigreed dogs as per following conditions

  1. Before applying for registration, the owner would produce the dog before a KCP licensed Judge along with two photographs of the dog, one showing profile and one showing front.
  2. The Judge would issue an Opinion Certificate saying that in his/her opnion the dog is a true representative of its breed. The Judge will also write at back of the photographs the name of the dog, sex and breed and sign.
  3. The owner would submit the Registration Application along with the two photographs and Judge’s Opnion Certificate.
  4. KCP would register the dog with pedigree showing ancestors as "Un-known". However, if any of the parent is registered with KCP, its name will appear in the pedigree.
  5. Dogs registered with the KCP can be bred and shown in KCP as well as FCI Shows. However, according to FCI Rules, though Non-pedigree dogs can be shown in FCI International Shows and can also get National Challenge Certificates and become even National Champions but cannot get a CACIB. FCI Rule says only those dogs which are registered with three generation Pedigree can get CACIB.
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